Gone Wrong

An Adult Adventure Inspired by Modern Politics

Gone Wrong is a unique adult adventure inspired by modern politics.  Toss out the unexplainable powers that grant a moral and physical superiority to which none of us can aspire.  Bring on heroes who, at first, only take on the daily trials of a broken society that we all confront 24/7.  They battle the mannerless and the privileged as we all wish we could.  Then push the accelerator and enjoy a story reminiscent of the daylight fantasies in which we all indulge.  

Norcal, a government sponsored utopia, has gone wrong.  Greed and deception flourish amid the rush of federal dollars financing previously unimaginable social and scientific advances.  Every resident is monitored by an embedded computer chip tied to satellite enforced borders.  The privileged encourage division and competition, distracting attention from festering, far greater evils.  

Chance Crawford and his associates, new world vigilantes, wander the streets, enforcing the simple civilities that should bind us together. They soon become embroiled in something larger, more vile and ultimately, deadly.  

Please revisit this website as frequently as your schedule allows.  The "Rants" will be updated periodically as the world seems to provide unlimited material.  Also the graphic artists are busy with the next chapter.